About Us

BIWC Group serves as a private Israeli business intelligence organization as well as strategic consulting firm that provides creative end-to-end solutions for personal, corporate, legal and financial challenges.

BIWC Group has an extensive range of networks available internationally. Our organization has garnered significant experience within diverse theaters of operation including Europe, The United States, South/Central Americas, and the Middle East. By using a unique intelligence apparatus, proven methodologies, cyber capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies, BIWC offers a broad array of intelligent, strategic solutions/services.

Our highly experienced team is comprised of a collective of professionals whom have an immense accumulation of background experience. BIWC specialists have invested years of labor in the Israeli intelligence and cyber sectors. Our resume includes providing key decision-makers with decisive information during precarious circumstances in various fields encompassing but not limited to security, legal, technology and financial, all at the highest level with uncompromising professionalism.

Our Clients

Financial Institutions

Law Firms and
Legal Institutions

International Businesses

Private High-net Worth Individuals

Consulting Companies

Venture Capital Funds

Public Sector