and Distinction

Litigation Support

A basic capability our organization forges is litigation and conflict support. We enlist the full might of our considerable capabilities in business intelligence gathering, data processing, and operational tactics to support our clients all while advancing financial and legal interests. By providing accurate, timely, actionable business intelligence, our firm shines a bright and broad beacon ahead of our patrons in order to better arm them with the tools to overcome impending obstacles all while supplying the essential tools to function proactively. The best strategies can only be mapped out using solid and comprehensive business intelligence.

Darknet & Web Intelligence

BIWC’s methods include utilizing highly intricate systems and AI learning algorithms to harvest copious amounts of sensitive information. Our systems know how to isolate evidence and exacting information for our client.
Our intelligence gathering infrastructure collects immense quantities of meta data from the darknet in addition to the deep-web. It then analyzes the previously collected information from the differing sources in order to properly allocate a broad selection of insightful solutions.
The organization has refined the capability to scan hard-to-reach as well as previously undiscoverable regions within the deep-webeb and darknet.

Research & Analysis

BIWC Group utilizes unique methodologies for cross-reference sources, producing imperative counsel for the client, all while providing insight pertaining to how to crack complex cases. Our line of business is characterized by intensive research proceeding thorough analysis consisting of reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Our team has garnered experience within the IDF’s Elite Intelligence Units (8200, 81, Special Forces) and various Government Intelligence Organizations. BIWC Group are comprehensively prepared to present enlightened assessments to decision-makers during critical times, and under pressure, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy possible.

A deep wealth of accumulated experience has been invested in the painstaking work of analysis, reflecting our uniqueness. Our ability to get down to the micro as well as to appreciate the macro serves as the game changer for our patrons. Our contingent of specialists is more than knowledgeable enough to evaluate the right scenario, compose the wider picture, and finally frame it in a practical manner. All in the aim of generating a comprehensive and effective solution for the client.

Strategic Consulting

Our team specializes in creative outside-the-box thinking. Our strategic experience allows us to provide our clients with clear-cut insight to allow for quick assertion of the situation and to reflect the critical thinking of the process. This allows the client to reach dynamic conclusions and approaches for solutions where there isn’t necessarily a single approach that is key.

We are characterized by the diversity within our team, with a wide range of backgrounds reflecting positively on our organization. BIWC employs individuals from various cultures and nationalities as analysts. This allows BIWC to access a broad spectrum of nations around the world. BIWC covers different regions and principalities across the globe. The essence is to understand the local rationality of the people as well as their way of life which forms the internationalism that defines BIWC.