Our Team

Idan Barlev


Idan Barlev comes from a pedigree of well established experts whom have lead from the very bleeding edge of innovating within the world of intelligence gathering in both the clandestine and corporate spheres. Idan’s father Yehuda Barlev specialized as an investigator, exposing multinational corruption scandals. His father distinguished himself domestically and abroad as one of the founders of the Israeli Intelligence Service, molding the very DNA and core strategies of the organization that was already rewriting all the rules.

Idan Barlev carries on the family legacy as an expert in the field of Business Intelligence. Mr. Barlev partook in innumerable investigations regarding global public affairs.

With an additional Master’s in Law, Idan specializes in Intelligence Solutions for corporate entities.

Over the years, Mr. Barlev has fostered a global reputation while investing in a plethora of contacts worldwide all while amassing an immense wealth of know-how pertaining to Crisis-Management and creative Solution Finding.

Robert Yahav

Chairman of the Board

Robert Yahav began his career in the Israeli special forces, rising to command a strike team. Upon completing his service, Robert transitioned to the security sector, fulfilling crucial roles ranging from national/international consular security to dignitary personal security.
From 2002-2007, he oversaw the work of over 1,000 employees as an operations manager at Philip Morris International where he founded over 20 logistic hubs to improve efficiency in addition to unifying production facilities with distribution networks expanding his company’s reach globally.
Over the course of 14 years from 2007-2021, as the CEO Yahav built up BIGCEE from the ground up. From laying the foundation on to recruitment of employees, finance, operational management and marketing the company. Robert led the way from the forefront eventually taking BIGCEE public, reaching an estimated value in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange of ILS 1.3B.
Robert Yahav further developed his skill in the academy becoming a practicing lawyer as well as completing an MBA at the Manchester University, UK.
Robert Yahav now embarks on his latest endeavor. Here he brings formidable mission driven orientation combined with laser focus and immense experience to solve challenges in addition to overcoming any obstacle.

Shehab Najjar

CEO UAE, Dubai Branch

Shehab is managing the BIWC Dubai office; he holds 10 years of an extensive technical experience in cyber threat intelligence, penetration testing, mobile application reverse engineering, social media intelligence, and open-all-source intelligence.

Najjar is a member of the Europol EPE, High Tech Crime Network, the International Cyber Threat Task Force, the International Forensics Association, and the Digital Forensics Association.

Najjar received many appreciation letters for his bug bounties from the United States Department of Defense – Pentagon, SANS Institute, Symantec, large e-commerce companies, and government agencies.